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Disciples men and women understand who they are in Jesus Christ.  This truth is so profoundly imbedded in their lives it transforms them.  it impacts the lives of those around them by a love remarkably observed as supernatural and originating from a relationship between the individual and Jesus himself.

"For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him."  This is the truth of Jesus in the Gospel of John chapter 3:17.  Past mistakes and choices without God are costly but they are not meant to hold us in a spiritual prison.  The Bible tells us us, after we accept Jesus "He seats us in the heavenly realms" (Ephesian 2:6).  That means the freedom process of new life begins immediately in Jesus. What holds us back is our unwillingness to accept it, or simply not understanding it, or our refusal to let go of the things that imprison us which can be anything from behaviors, to attitudes and perceptions we won’t let God renew with the power of His Hoy Spirit.  

Most people eveb Christians never live in true freedom.  And it’s because of this they spend their lives feeling out of synch with their beliefs and their intended life in Jesus. There is a process the Bible teaches that all of us have to experience in building our freedom and with few exceptions, most of us need this process to grow healthy in our faith.  SFC focuses on cultivating this process in people’s lives.


A varied source of articles (index here) and resources written especially from the perspective of fellow travellers on the road of life!  This years focus in on discipleship.

"I like my way of doing evangelism better than your way of not doing evangelism." D. L. Moody 1899


Sadly, many Christians live with no power and even less joy. This results from a misconception about who they are in Christ.  Most of us, make the mistake of seeking our identity through the eyes of others. This always produces disappointment.  If we live in this dissapointment long enough we start wondering what's wrong. The only permanent intimacy that can satisfy the human heart is the person of the Holy Spirit in us through Jesus Christ.  When we get this right, human relationships, all of them, begin to fall in place. Our Christian identity exists in a broken world where the understanding of the spiritual realm has largely been ignored. We underestimate how stubborn attitudes and behaviors or failure to grow isn’t because we haven’t tried hard enough. Its because there is a real battle in the spiritual realm competing for our devotion and attention and just because we found Christ, it doesn’t go away. In fact, it may intensify. Taking on this type of war is the practice of Christ centered communities and intercessory prayer.    


We are excited to offer a resource specifically for women  called "Of Noble Character." This has been expanding rapidly  as a result of a growing number of  women reaching out and encouraging us to provide discipleship opportunities & resources that ministered to what is uniquely female. Here you can find blogs and resources that are provided by women  for women from around the world!  Check out the portal . Go To ONC