Sentinels For Christ provides and promotes tools for discipleship growth


A Disciple understands the "who, what and why" about Jesus Christ.  This truth is so profoundly imbedded in ones life it transforms them.  it impacts the lives of those around them by a love irrefutably observed as supernatural and originating from a relationship between the individual and Jesus himself.

Many of us relate to the story of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15).  Past mistakes and choices without God were costly. Some of our journeys left us empty. When we came to our senses, we found God was there all the time.  SFC is a place to deepen your walk with Christ as Disciples. All are welcome even if you’re still seeking God.  We got a ton of resources.  The best part is you can find others who are pressing into the journey of Christ just like you. 


A varied source of articles (index here) and resources written especially from the perspective of a fellow traveller on the road of life!  This years focus in on discipleship.

"I like my way of doing evangelism better than your way of not doing evangelism." D. L. Moody 1899


POWER & FREEDOM is a five-week workshop that focuses on breakthrough from spiritual stalemate.  Many Christians live with no power and little impact. What once was vibrant turned ordinary.  They are forced to admit the type of life they lead is far from appealing.  While they know there's more to being in Christ, they don't know whats wrong. LEGACIES redirects people to the person of the Holy Spirit which helps seeking Christians to understand why our life fails to grow. We often underestimate how choices leave entrenched attitudes and behaviors that interfere with God's desire for us to live in freedom. LEGACIES looks at the "hardening" that takes place from being human in a fallen world.  It helps us to differentiate what happened to us, what we did to ourselves, and what Christ wants with us now.  More Here.  


We are excited to offer a resource specifically for  women  called "Of Noble Character." This has been expaninding rapidly over the past year as a result of a growing number of  women reaching out and encouraging us to provide discipleship opportunities & resources that ministered to what is uniquely female. Check out the portal . Go To ONC

"Why Men Kill" is about how adversty works to produce authentic submission to Christ as an alternative to brokeness.  It's a transparent account of the transforming power of God's Spirit on the human heart.  E-Book Coming!!