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Comrades in Arms

Posted by jimgrier on November 16, 2014

My church has a saying called "A 2am Man."  What they mean by this is "Do you as a man have someone you can call if need be at any time that has your back, practically, emotionally and spiritually?"  Why is that important?  For one, no one knows the struggles of manhood except other men.  On the emotional side, it just good to have someone to chew the fat with or let your guard down that understands the things you get excited about.  My wife doesn't get it why I love to go up in the late fall sleep on the ground with my son and walk around the forest with a bow looking for some poor animal to shoot.  Not while there's a perfectly good bed at home to sleep on and a roof without leaks!

A comrade, not only understands where your coming from but why your coming from your perspective.

On a spiritual level the need for a 2am guy is even more critical. None of us has all the answers and we all operate within our frame of circumstances which quite often leaves our ability to see things objectively well lets say, somewhat compromised.  A 2am guy has enough concern for you and knows you well enough to help you check your course, not being your conscience but points out alternatives when needed and offers support based on a relationship.  He's also someone you need to feel very comfortable with.

I'm fortunate I have 2am guys, they pretty much know the good the bad and the ugly, (one of my favorite movies by the way!) and they know me well enough to offer help when they know I wont ask for it, or for some reason I cant see the wisdom in asking for it.

What do you have to do to get one?  Reach out for one. This type of relationship doesn't fall in your lap. I had to find out where men where meeting in my church, make a commitment to attending the meetings where men gathered and then take the time to get to know some of them.  By doing so I met guys with similar interests.  At the same time I was willing to meet men with dissimilar interests which provided accountability, a chance for fellowship, and what men need most... camaraderie.  I know myself all to well.  The times in my life I didn't have such men I was either living a life less than I was proud of or dangerously close to it.  Knowing I have men that want to see me succeed and want to know what is going on in my life and in my relationship with the Lord makes all the difference. 

Unconvinced of your need for a comrade?  The greatest relationship we have of course is Christ.  It was Jesus himself who said "I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you."  That's intimacy, deep... Jesus in your face.  If the Lord found it important to develop deep relationships with others should we not also?


So what does your 2am comrade look like? - Jim

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