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Christies Transformation: Her Beginnings

Posted by jimgrier on November 16, 2018

Greetings! Grace and peace to brothers and sisters in Christ, in whom we always overcome because He overcame!

JP asked me to share my story in “real time”.  I am honored to invite you into what the LORD is doing currently in my life but in light of eternity, meaning I will be writing more in the future as my story is still being written! And with the intention of giving you a true appreciation for what the LORD is doing, I’d like to share my beginnings, and then bring you current to what the LORD has done this month.

Imagine an untamed wilderness with majestic mountains ranges teaming with wild life; seasoned fishing boats rocking at harbor, humming rhythmic duets with ocean buoys; Tlingit Indians, unfettered, feverishly pounding their moccasins into the dirt, echoing their stories through ceremonial songs, dances, and totems: This was the backdrop for my birth in Ketchikan, Alaska, November 18, 1958.

My father worked as an electrician, and my mother was the proprietor of a home-based beauty salon while raising four small beautiful children.  In 1965, at 7 years of age, the majestic mountains of Alaska were exchanged for the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with the promising adventure of new job opportunities. We attended Golden public schools until my attendance at a private parochial high school in Denver. It was there that I was born again in the spring of 1974 and graduated high school in 1977. I graduated from the University of Denver in 1986. Rod Hitchcock and I were married in our local church in 1993. Our daughter, Caitlyn, was born in 1995. My marriage and my daughter were abandoned in 2003. And Rod and I divorced in 2008.

Much of my life looked as it should on the outside with its polished Americana and evangelical veneer, but inside, I was dismantled. My husband and I were both born again believers, faithful attendees of our local church for 25 and 35 years, both actively involved in music ministry. How could this have happened??!  But seeds of death had been sown in my heart, sprouting into an ominous labyrinth of twisted briars, ever expanding, making my prison space smaller and smaller. These briars were so to be fashioning a thorny sarcophagus, poised to entomb me forever.

This summer, 2018, the LORD spoke to me in my spirit, bring revelation of my beginnings. It was revealed to me that I was conceived in the womb of anxiety and fear;Anxiety and fear were my incubators. From there, I was born an insecure bouncing baby girl. This fissure of insecurity continued to enlarge with each assault of life’s rejections and abuses, eventually expanding into a vast chasm of addiction and compulsion, profound loneliness and isolation, confusion and fear, and with it a painful inability to bepresent and enjoy life’s simple pleasures such as the blessings of marriage and family. I lived going through the motions of life, but without life.I needed aSavior in every sense of the word! I prayed ceaselessly through the years, “Help me, God! Help me!”

As life’s pressures mounted, the instability of the pretty house I had erected was revealed, and everything came crashing in. At the sight of this horrendous mess I made, I ran.  My life was out of control! I was having an illicit affair while I was still Rod’s wife, and still a mother to a precious nine year-old girl! I cried out, “I need to prioritize my life!! I have too much on my plate!!!”And then the LORD whispered into my chaos, “Do you believe Me??”

The day I packed up and left home was the day my husband hit his knees and cried out to the Lord of Glory to save his wife! He interceded for me for 1-2 hours every day, for five years. He never removed his wedding ring. He never focused on my chaos. He never stopped speaking words of TRUTH and LIFE. His responses were grace-filled, loving, patient, and kind through those tumultuous years.

The crescendo was in 2008 following a men’s retreat that Rod attended in Estes Park. The men were instructed to “SHOUT the walls down”. It was prophesied that the echo of that shout would be felt in the lives of their families in the valley below.

Following the retreat, Rod and I met for dinner later that evening. Rod spoke under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and said, “Say what you need to say to me now, because after the divorce, you can say it no more. The past is dead.” Suddenly, with great force, the words “The past is dead”echoed with an assault on my walls, penetrating with deep cracks in what would otherwise be impenetrable. My heart cried, “I’m HIT; I’m HIT!! WHAT’S HAPPENING??!” As alarms were going off on the inside of me, I looked at Rod and said, “Dead to me?? Or dead to the past?”

“Dead to the past,” he said. And with that, I tightly clung to his neck.

Feeling the stresses mounting as our divorce date soon approached, I called Rod before work the very next day saying, “I’ve prayed and prayed! If I knew what to do, I’d do it!”

And then in a still small voice, the LORD echoed what He had spoken four years earlier, “Do you believe Me?”

In that moment, I finally said, “Yes” and left the life I had forged, beginning my journey home. That was in 2008. In 2011, Rod and I were remarried! The LORD has been taking us on a journey of love and honor, bringing profound healing and restoration, a journey of restoration with the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, as well as with one another.

Now, fast forward to November 1st of this year, the LORD impressed upon me to attend a conference in Lafayette, Colorado. There were two men ministering with a powerful anointing in the prophetic with signs and wonders. They interpreted a dream I had as a child, revealing a generational incubus spirit (demons behind unhealthy relational ties, including demons imposing upon human beings sexually, as well as incestuous/ sexually perverse spirits). They emphasized the revelation of oppression not possession and prayed for deliverance. They also said that the oppressors were responsible for impedance in natural brain processes, saying that I would experience a shift in the left brain, bringing balance with the right, a rewiring.

A friend of mine, also attending the conference, said that she saw in the spirit that I was coming up and out of a “concrete body cast”, and that the breaking off of this cast resulted in chunks falling to the floor. The Holy Spirit reminded me that I used to try to explain to my husband about how I felt when I lived life, feeling like I was in a cast that impeded my ability to feel or connect with others. It was prophesied through my husband as a commanding shout that these walls would fall! Now I’ve broken through the cracks! The walls are falling!

Also, I had a peculiarity. I curiously read books with my left eye closed--the left side of the body is controlled by the right side of the brain. (I had a history of avoiding reading because it was so difficult.) But since having been prayed for that evening, I have read with both eyes open! I also used to walk left side dominant when I’m right handed. Now I walk right side dominant. My entire reality is different! I feel different. I cannot explain it. The LORD reminded me that two years prior, He had sent a prophetic word through a man I had never met. It was at that time that I clearly remember him snapping his fingers next to my right and left ears, saying, “Reboot! Reboot!” Now that “rebooting” has been realized!

So how is my reality different now? There is the absence of so much effort; There is an ease in relating with others emotionally. Before, I related primarily on an intellectual level. It feels wonderful to just be relaxed, to not have to work so hard at being “normal”!

The LORD continues to bring renewal and reconciliation, restoring hearts and relationships through the vehicle of love and honor. Each new day continues to provide numerous opportunities to bring Him glory. Life is learning to allow the LORD to dictate to me through the pain rather than the pain dictating to the LORD. And in this, I am experiencing profound healing God’s way. The LORD is restoring me back to my original design, wild and free, majestic and beautiful, harmonious and unfettered as the Alaskan wilderness I was born into. He is positioning Rod and I to be strategically launched in ministry to the devastated, bringing true reconciliation and restoration. With this, we will be feverishly pounding the vibration of Heaven, echoing the redemption songs and dances of God’s Kingdom on earth.

There is so much more of my story to share! But another time. However, to encourage you in your journey, let me simply say that our life is truly a journey--sometimes a long one. But it’s the BEST journey when it is a journey with God showing the way. We have the option to take the lead in this journey, attempting to forge our own healing with man-made “band aids” or let the LORD take the lead, bringing true and lasting restoration. Let’s let God be God and let Him be our Healer, letting go what we think our healing should look like and when it should take place, whether for ourselves or others. It’s so much better when He does it. Let’s step out in new levels of belief and trust, and then let’s believe for those that cannot believe for themselves. Let’s model freedom for those who curiously look on, peering through rags of shame, and chains of bondage. Let’s take the prisoners by the hand, walking with them, while sing songs of deliverance! “Come forth!”

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