By Andy Yang

Discipleship "Follow Me"

Posted by jimgrier on September 29, 2017

“Follow me”

Two words that forever changed two fishermen’s lives.  “Don’t be afraid; from now on you will fish for people.”

 “Follow me”

Two words that forever changed a tax collector’s life.  “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.  I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

 “Follow me”

Two words that forever reinstated a man who had denied Christ three times.  “Do you love me?  Feed my sheep.”

We all relate to the first two “follow me’s” that Peter, Andrew and Levi went through.  We can all vividly recall when we first said yes to the most sacred invitation of all time.  Priorities shifted.  Our hearts changed.  We loved because He first loved us, and we finally started to understand what that meant.  We were a part of a tremendous relationship.

But life happened.  Sin still got in the way.  In opportunities where our faith was tested, in some cases we missed the mark and it dissolved into ruin where we were left with disappointment, guilt, and hating the flesh and our spirit not doing what it knows it should do.  Because of this, we forget that despite his mistakes, Jesus asked Peter over and over, “do you love me?” 


Along with repentance, Peter’s response was all it took to continue following Jesus.  We forget that part of discipleship is that simple.  Saying yes to the most sacred invitation of all time, that invites into the most life-transforming relationship on this side of Heaven and beyond. 

God wants more than our love for Him.  Jesus doesn’t leave it at that.  With each invitation of “follow me” is a command (even higher than a calling) for another relationship: sheep, the sick, sinners, aka people.  Discipleship is not a lone wolf experience.  It is meant to be in a pack.     

He is asking for you to invest time like a fisherman who waits patiently for the next haul.  Discipleship takes work and time.  It takes patience as the workings and fruits of discipleship aren’t always obvious, but one day it all culminates to something that is as God molds you. 

Part of a discipleship is a time for growth and healing for you.  He is the master physician.  Discipleship is the consistent pursuit to engage in purposeful sanctification, to be like clay as His hands mold you more into His image.  As the patient, there is so much in store.  There is consistent humility to admit being sick that go beyond circumstances suggesting so, the meekness in wanting to be free in repentance, the freedom that comes from the invitation to follow, and the healing and enrichment in relationship and not circumstances that occur. 

He is asking you to feed His sheep whom without a shepherd become aimless, unbeknownst to pitfalls and dangers just trying to satiate their appetite for greenery.  Balance being taught with teaching.  Like the fisherman, He is asking you to invest in others.  Like the doctor, He is asking you to seek and be available to the sick, as a doctor would be when they market their services to the sick and be physically and medically available for whomever came through their doors.  Be available.  Bring you and what you do.  Be open to what’s to come, and be ready.  All this in store from two powerful words. 

“Follow me.”

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