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Spiritual Courage: How To Not Weaken Your Church

Posted by jimgrier on August 1, 2019

Steve Shank

I thought I would share this particularly relevant message from my mentor and Pastor, Steve Shank.  Pastor Steve who travels the nations and many of you know as a church father shares:

"I have observed over the years the tactics the devil has used against Pastors/Leaders in order to keep their Churches bottled up and without significant impact. Consider these observations of mine that I have written from the perspective and strategies of the devil."

If I were the devil I would convince the Pastor to...



  • Keep tight control on all departments/ministries in the Church and make all their    decisions.
  • Always keep a hidden agenda. Never show all that you are doing or plan on doing.
  • Always tell the people, "The Lord spoke to me and told me;" that eliminates anyone    from questioning your decisions.
  • Always maintain the appearance that you have all the answers.
  • Never admit failure; place the blame somewhere else, that way you never have to say        you're sorry.
  • Never seek feedback; and if anyone offers advice, mark that person and don't trust              them.
  • Never be transparent and show your shortcomings--after all, you're the Pastor!
  • Never confront sin in the Church! You don't want to lose anyone.
  • Never speak against political correctness! You don't want to lose anyone.
  • Don't work with any other Churches--you might lose members to them; plus, you don't        want them to pollute your sound doctrine. Stay isolated.
  • Convince them they can fulfill their call to make disciples by pulpit preaching.
  • Give positions to people in the Church who have the most money or natural talents.            Ignore their character and maturity.
  • Demonstrate favoritism by spending a lot of time with a few people in the Church, but           call it "building relationships."
  • Have no set daily schedule and don't worry about having consistent time in the Word           and prayer...Remember... you are Spirit-Led.
  • Be very suspicious of any new approach to ministry. After all, how could it be God if             you've never done it that way before?
  • Have very few guest speakers--especially NO Prophets!
  • Believe in the Gifts of the Spirit, but never allow them in the services; that way you'll             never have to correct anything.
  • Never teach on healing or praying for the sick. If you ever pray for the sick always end the prayer with, "If it be Thy will;" that will always cover you if they don't receive their             healing.
  • Never talk about the devil! That scares people away.
  • If Bible School Interns offer to help evangelize, refuse their offer; you might have to               carry on outreach after they leave.
  • Never leave the 99 to go out and reach the lost. You must spend all your time keeping        Church members happy.
  • Always brag how your Church is superior to others because of the sound doctrine that        you preach.

If you want to Pastor a slowly shrinking Church...just allow any of those strategies of the devil to control your life and your way of leading. But, I think better of all of you and believe that none of those things will be allowed to take hold of any of us, AMEN!

Steven Shank City On The Hill Church Boulder CO and Founder of Confirming The Word Bible School

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