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Moving Mountains

Posted by jimgrier on November 29, 2019

Over the last several years in particular, I have traveled and moved, directed by God and other times by my flesh, numerous times over the last ten years. To other lands, islands and back to the US, rescued by God from danger and from at times, myself.  Though I was allowed to be afflicted, suffering to further the gospel or to learn/gain knowledge, or based on my own poor decisions, I was able to comfort those in trouble with the comfort in which I was comforted by God.
2 Corinthians, chapter 1 tells us to keep a clear conscience, live honestly, and be authentically godly by the grace of God. Christ is the positive and completely consistent living Word from God. Paul in these verses had been consistent. His travel plans changed, but only because of his consistent commitment to the unchanging Gospel.  You God are the fulfiller and fulfillment of all the promises in Your Word; the sumand substance through Jesus where I say, “Yes, so be it.”
I have moved, picking up my “tent” every time and am now here in Wyoming ministering to First Nations Peoples, because I answered His call and though it “appears” in the physical a stretch in so many ways, yet my “faith is being sure of what [I] hope for and certain of what I do not see.  Jesus said in Matthew 17:20 ...”for assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to the mountain, ‘move from here to there, and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.” Jesus said that our faith in God is like a seed. When we put our faith into action, that is, when we release it to God, it takes on a totally new nature. It takes on the nature of a miracle in the making.
What is the mountain in your life? Loneliness, finances, illness, job loss, kids, marriage, relationships? Dreams, a vision He has given you but your held back from it realizing and becoming? We must be encouraged because Jesus shows the way to see that mountain removed.  God says that we have a measurable faith and that it is resident within us. Romans  12:3 says, “For I say, through the grace given to me (Paul), to everyone who is
among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, as God has dealt each on a measure of faith.” This faith comes alive by hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17). When we read the Word, we hear and the Holy Spirit uses the Word of God to awaken a response of faith within us. We know that we speak with mouth and believe in our heart that Jesus is the risen Lord and we will be saved. Why then, would we not speak with our mouths the promises of God, proclaiming and believing that they will come to pass?
In the last ten years on the Hebraic Calendar, 5770-5779 we were in a period of revelation by the eyes of our heart. We saw much of what seemed to be promised to come. The Lord gave me insight through-out that ten-year period that pointed to where I am today. I can go back in my journals (I like to journal) and follow His trail through my heart. Many believe we have moved from the church era into the Kingdom era.  Many feel there is anticipation in the air and the return of our King is close at hand.  Should we not then speak and decree what has already been prophesized to come in alignment with the Word of God, singing, praising into a Higher order?
I have a sister in Christ, her name is Melvina who says, “We must get our tongues sharp!” We are entering into a time of face-to-face with God and we are to roar! We must decree, command and war for our future, for our destiny." It is a time to speak your vision! It is a time for action! It is time to release to God, in faith, that thing that you have been believing for since you can remember. It is time to join the army of God to prepare and equip for the
dare we say it with confidence His millennial reign?
God says that we can apply our faith to see our daily needs met. How? You “DO” something as an act of your faith. You sow the mustard seed smallness of your faith into an action of love (Matthew 17:20). Then, when your faith has been planted and is growing, SPEAK to your mountain and watch God set about its removal. Nothing can stand in the way of all that our King wants to do in these days. We will see Him move in new, higher ways and thoughts than we ever imagined (if our eyes and faith our open to it) we would see. His love and our obedience are as the lock and key fitting together. It is God’s grace that has fitted the key to the lock, and it is man who uses the key to unlock the treasure of love. Let us boldly take the key, roar with the call of our King, in faith, and in expectation of all that He will unlock in this new season.
Be encouraged. It is a time of war, but the battle is His and we have but to be obedient and focused, walking the path He has laid out for each of us. We no longer can dally, the time is upon us, let us put on the full armor of God, take the sword in our hand, covered by the Blood of the Highest God and go move some mountains.
Deborah Hunter
Deborah is a Missionary Teacher to First Nations Peoples with the Rocky Mountain Apostolic Network of Third Day Apostolic Center in Sheridan, Wyoming. If you would like to know more about her ministry  "Warrior Womens Hands"  her contact  You can also give to her ministry through PayPal by giving to
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