I will commit to seeking God’s will for my life by reading His word daily …

Reading The Word...How to Start

Posted by jimgrier on February 27, 2015


I will commit to seeking God’s will for my life by reading His word daily

Psalm 19: 8  The Precepts of the Lord are right rejoicing the heart...

I've never heard anyone say they are reading too much of their Bible!  So being a friendly audience I'll share a couple observations about my own reading and encourage you to experience your own.

Here's what I have found that happens to me when I don't make a priority to  spend time in Gods Word:

  1. I experience a lot of frustration and general dissatisfaction with life
  2. I'm impatient and less then gentle in the closest relationships around me particularly my family
  3. I forget spiritual principles of my faith and return to confusion sometimes even second guessing such bedrock issues of faith like "I'm I saved or not."
  4. I'm confused about God's plan and His presence in my life.

This list goes on an on.  The worst part was I had no joy in my faith.  Ever see a Christian without joy?  You can bet there's not time being spent in the Word, well at least not in a way that allows the Spirit to speak.  I went a long time struggling to read the Bible to find "the right time to read"  (there is no right time by the way!) and was a joyless, legalistic Christian for most of my walk.  Just the type that would have those not familiar with Jesus to get a negative perception of Him!  All right, lets not beat that issue.  Lets talk productive as we don't need to remind ourselves were not in the Word enough!  The fact is we can never be in the Word enough because the Word is Gods way of communicating with our minds.  So as "HIs thoughts are higher than our thoughts..." lets take a breath and realize this is meant to be a lifelong walk with Him discovering His truths first as they pertain to who He is, and second, how they pertain to us and are meant to change our lives so we find that joy that alludes us!

I started simple, the Gospels or the Psalms have so much in them I couldn't go wrong.  The point was I pushed through the wall which was sitting down and making daily reading a priority.  Yep, you got to do that part, there's no shortcut, but it's ok to shoot for it while you develop it as a habit!  Remember habits take time to build, God doesn't want you to be miserable because you don't come out of the starting gate, reading books of the Bible in one sitting!  He's just happy to sit with you and start communicating!

Let the Word speak to you...I cannot emphasize this enough.  You know when a verse or story jumps out and resonates with you.  That's the work of the Spirit communicating to you through the Word. There's a reason why those stories and verses tug at our heart, they either connect directly with the circumstances we face in life or the Word is compelling us to pay attention to something.  One of the greatest experiences is when reading the Word you get and awesome understanding an appreciation for some of the majesty, or characteristics of God!  That's the Father revealing Himself to us personally. Its in this seeking God and who He is through the study of his Word we end up finding that joy.

For a long time also I used to confuse something the Lord was compelling me to address with horrible feelings of guilt.  Now this was taking place when there was no obvious "sin" taking place in my life.  This I have come to find is not the work of Gods Spirit.  It is the work of the enemy, (yeah there really is a devil and the one thing he loves to rob Christians of is their joy).  If your reaching out to God by opening up His Word He's not waiting to discourage you, quite the opposite. The Word  tells us, "The wisdom that comes from above is first pure, loves peace, is reasonable, gentle full of mercy and good fruits unwavering and without hypocrisy.."  James 3: 17.  You may have to sort through some of the feelings and emotions you experience sometimes but remember, God is not in the business of pushing people away from who He is and the experience of salvation. While there may be instances He brings to mind of something you need to deal with its for the purpose of restoring you to fellowship not driving you away!




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