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Pledge Principle X

Posted by jimgrier on May 1, 2015

Pledge Principle X

"I will allow Gods Spirit through prayer and His word to reveal to me my own hidden faults and need for growth to conform to the image of His Son with thankfulness."

Psalm 19: 12-14

If there was one Pledge Principle I would say makes the biggest difference in my life, it’s Principle X.  I have noticed I have a propensity to sail through life thinking spiritually I’m fine when exactly the opposite is true.  I don’t know why it is so easy for us to get busy and distracted. Certainly life has its share of responsibilities.  The intensity of which seem to ebb and flow like the tide, but why is it when we know in our spirit it takes effort to commune with God do we make little effort to actually “commune with God”

As a human, a Christian or even a “seeker” of God, we seem to be able to multi-task everything!  With a little head knowledge about spiritual matters we can be content in convincing ourselves we are a “spiritual being” and we are incorporating spiritual growth due to the fact “we know”  the importance of spiritual matters so therefore if its present in our conscious somewhere we assume were are in fact “spiritual.”

Welcome to the grand delusion of faith.  I walked most of my life with “Cogno Jesus” appreciating who He was sporadically praying to Him, attending church, retreats missions trips, teaching, etc. even serving as a youth pastor only to find after 32 years in the faith, I really didn’t know Him.


Well, I simply made no effort to really know Him. I let everyone else introduce Him to me through their tales of faith, their messages, their experience and settled for someone else’s idea of who Christ was.  How about a simple example we can all relate to? We know in life the depth of our friendships including their quality and content  is directly proportional to the time we invest in them.  Somehow though we assume God in His “Godness” picks up the slack in our relationship with Him and friendship with God is maintained with a half hearted effort on our behalf and this settles for a relationship with God.  I beg to differ, I think God wants something more or He wouldn’t of sent His son to die on a cross for us.  If there’s one thing God certainly is, it’s He is invested in a relationship with us!

Hidden in these verses of Psalm 19, is a treasure waiting to be unpacked.  The first spiritual truth jumps off the page with searing clarity.  “Who can discern His errors”, meaning we pretty much have no idea of just how far short we fall in ourselves!, David, who wrote the Psalm nails it when he then goes on to say, “Keep me from those offenses of presumption.” Meaning, those things we think we are right about where we haven’t even a clue, or the modern day translation, “living a spiritual delusion.”  You would think, living in a delusion, (i.e. thinking you have something when we don’t) might be a significant problem as the Psalm goes on to say,  “Let them not (sins of presumption) rule over me then I will be acquitted of great transgression.”  Interesting David uses that word transgression, it’s a term exclusively used for a sin, or an infraction against God. The message seems clear; spiritual apathy leaves a bad taste in God's mouth!

The only way, (I've found anyway) that confronts the problem of spiritual apathy is communion with God, that means, yes spending time in the Word, letting it jump off the page when it needs to , (that’s probably God talking to you heart by the way!) and pondering it.  Pondering really is way of saying praying, or communing with God.  I’m afraid we often think the only way we pray is through a verbal expression (I regularly fall into this trap) when my thoughts, my heart and my emotions are regularly being exposed to God’s Spirit, I just have to do the work of listening.

Everything about our faith, our impact, our sincerity, our authenticity and our focus is directly attached to this Pledge Principle.  I know for my own spiritual well being, and the well being of others around me, I’ll keep this one front and center.  It energizes the other nine principles.



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