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The Salt Has to Get Out of the Shaker

Posted by jimgrier on August 19, 2019

We have all been there, where you pick up the shaker of salt and go to shake it and nothing comes out. You shake it and feel, hear the salt shaking and moving about.

Like the church, there is a lot of shaking and moving within the walls, but nothing gets out. It’s time for the salt to get out of the shaker. We are the manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven operating in the Kingdom of God, as saved, Spirit-filled ambassadors, we are assigned destiny outside of the shaker.

The Father bestowed the Kingdom of God on Jesus and so that Kingdom is bestowed on us. We carry a new country, a new culture inside us and where ever we walk, we change the atmosphere. 

I am currently sitting in my tent on the Chippewa-Cree Native American Reservation. The Lord has taken me to three other nations and though different in culture, the needs are the same. A reconciliation ministry is needed for the wounds of the world from human conflict. I see satan’s method of getting one group to abuse another and it is rooted in the hard-headed collision of self-righteous people within each group. Take some truth, polarize the people with different seeds of the truth, tempt them to unrighteous judgment, and then watch them wound one another with rejection, harsh words and injustice.  This endless cycle of hate, animosity, and bitterness has festered for many generations and opened more doors for satan to enter.

So, I asked, “Lord how do I respond, how do we, as Your children respond to such deep, gaping, ancient wounds?” “Father how is this historical, ancient trauma healed?”

The answer lies in the humility and love of Jesus expressed through us, His Salt. We have to get outside of the walls that man has created.

I looked to His example; He wept over Israel’s sins and wounds. He identified with them. He was rooted in their story, He knew them. He was totally engaged with individuals, both with their immediate personal needs and their eternal salvation, and He dealt in terms of corporate and national issues.

What if we as salt unite as ambassadors of reconciliation? Willingly leading the way forming an alliance around these major reconciliation issues, determining to act together. Identificational repentance has proved to be the key to opening doors that have been closed for centuries.  What if we enter the courts of heaven, the “Royal Priesthood,” the redeemed in Christ, to openly confess the truth of this matter before Him, before the people, just as the ancient Hebrew priests did over the sins of Israel. Such an open acknowledgement of the wounding injustices against people breaks open a flow of grace and healing. 

“What was effective then is even more important in today’s endeavors. Intercession is more than prayer; it is living out the mediating, reconciling life of Christ in a wounded, bitter world with no answers for the broken relationships that torment all cultures. This is the day of God’s favor, a fulfillment of that was prophesied long ago. “You shall be named priests of the Lord, they shall call you the servants of our God.” Isaiah 61:6 

The biblical patterns for experiencing spiritual offense against others and even people groups involves four actions: Confession, Repentance, Reconciliation, and Restitution.

Intercessors volunteering to open themselves before God to experience godly sorrow and to confess the sins of the people and even its effect upon the land as those who willingly identifies with either or both. Honoring righteous ancestors and legacies while acknowledging the needs of reconciliation for even yes, ancestral sin.

This is where reconciliation begins.

This is where the salt can be shaken out over the land.


Deborah Hunter - Ambassador
Third Day Apostolic Center
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