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Worship God Finds Beautiful

Posted by jimgrier on March 4, 2019

Worship God Finds Beautiful

There is a foundation burning in my heart that has me shaken. Why does it shake me you might ask? Well because it’s beyond me. Don’t try and talk me out of this fact because I know it’s beyond me, yet I know He wants to give what is needed to make it happen. I don’t fully know how to do what is beyond my natural self, but I am compelled to take steps to respond. For He is faithful and the one who does it in us.

But let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream
(Amos 5:24)

This is the foundation of our worship that makes it beautiful to God, to know Him and do His heart. To not hold back offerings for the poor. To fight their battle when they are weak. To heal the broken hearted. To set the oppressed free.

Stir us oh God to not hold back from the needy, but to seek Your face that they be healed and prosper. To seek You, and find You, that your provision would be abundant in us for the needs of those we give too. To be a store house for the nations. A provision for the nations.

What is God Really Like?

Do we know God? Just look at the artistry of creation. Just listen to the poetry of His words. Do we hear His heart felt expressions of Father, husband and friend? Do we see His love and compassion; the way His heart overflows with expression and love? Do we see the way He defends the weak and resists the proud? Do we know God? Do we know and reflect His justice?

Look at the offerings God approves, look at the feasts God had His people celebrate with. Are these not that all might join in the celebration, that none would go hungry or be turned away due to lack, that we would be mindful of others and have and give what is needed.

This is Worship – Communion

This is the beautiful foundation of worship. This is recognizing the body. To carry one another. This is communion, to eat together and celebrate the provision of the Lord. This is the Lord’s table, to be a servant through love. From natural provision of food and shelter, to emotional provision of wisdom and counsel, or supernatural provision of healing and transformation of life. In communion we find all this as an act of worship.  For this is why He gives us gifts, so let us give. Let us see a need; know God’s desire is to resource us, and give through us. Yes, this is beyond us. Yes, this is provision that naturally we don’t have. We need to present what we do have to God as an offering, make our requests known to Him and watch Him multiply or even add what was never there. God makes us competent ministers of the good news.

This is the foundation of worship that God finds beautiful, for beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. He chooses what He finds beautiful. When we start with His heart’s desire, we engage with Him and allow His heart to be expressed through us. His provision of life, power and the practical to bring justice, breaking the bonds of the oppressor(s).

In our giving let us not forget it’s an offering of gratitude, not of our selves’ but of God who richly provides for those who trust in Him. Worship God finds beautiful.

If you love me, feed my sheep.

John Drummond Conducting Pioneer of Prophetic Expression

John Drummond is a free-lance artist and a guest writer for Sentinel For Christ.  John uses his prophetic gifts to exhort the body of Christ through art and exhortation.  You can catch more of John’s art and writing at  You can fellowship with John at Leith Baptist Church in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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