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SFC SUPPORT GIFT .  This helps us to continue to provide ministry and services free of charge and covers reoccurring costs and gifts to individuals in need.  This is intended for SFC partners with personal knowledge of SFC ministries. 

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LEGACIES WORKBOOKS This covers the cost of one or more Legacies Workbooks. Legacies workbooks are used in discipleship and addresse the issue of generational sins and discipleship maturity.  Each workbook is a five-week journey with multiple excercises and Biblically based instructions on how to                           experience the freedom promised in Christ.  15.00 ea

SOLUTION BASED COUNSELING SESSION.  This support level covers the cost of one SBPC counseling session which allows SFC to offer pro-bono counseling to those in financial need.  25.00 Per Session.  Six session package 150.00.

PATHWAYS GRIEF WORKSHOP SPONSORSHIP,    This allows the sponsorship one individual through the six week Pathways Grief Workshop.  Includes workbook, handouts, and workshop supplies. 25.00 per person.

"SEEK LIFE"  T-Shirts.  This support level covers the cost of one shirt and asscoiated mailings.  This is one of the few ways SFC promotes its message.  The Seek Life T-shirt is a great reminder of the SFC message and a good conversation starter. 19.00 ea.

DISCIPLESHIP ASSESSMENT TOOL (DAT)  This support level covers the cost of one DAT test which is used by SFC in discipleship development and mentoring. 15.00 ea