Sentinels For Christ :: Self Assessment for Depression in Men from a faith based perspective.


Take this simple self assessment and rate yourself on each life item on a scale from one to five.  1 means this is not present at all, five means yes this is consistently present.  Compare your scores with those at the bottom to get a view of how your doing.

Isolation – Are you cutting yourself off from family and friends?  Do you avoid being around others to mask pain?  Are you experiencing disproportionate guilt for things you can’t control?  Are you avoiding contact when others reach out to you?

Poor Decisions Are you stuck repeating self destructive behaviors you know aren’t healthy but you do them anyway.  Are you making decisions without thinking them out.  Are your decisions directly or indirectly hurting others?

Behavior Causing Problems:  Are old destructive ways of interacting with others reappearing?  Are your behaviors pushing people away or intimidating them?  Are the old behaviors causing problems at work, with family and friends?

Fatigue and Brain Fog:  Are you more tired than usual? Are you experiencing insomnia?  Are you tired despite how much sleep you get? Is it difficult to focus and make decisions?  Are you forgetting important dates and responsibilities?

Mood Difficulties:   Are you irritable or anxious?  Do seemingly non-significant events “set you on edge” Do you overreact to others and find yourself angered easily?  Does the future cause unrelenting anxiety?  Are you sad most of the time?


13 - 15 - You probably have a combination of life stressors which are stifling your potential and diminishing your life satisfaction.  It would be a good idea to check in with a professional therapist or counselor and have a professional assessment done.

15 - 20 - Undoubtedly you have high stress in you circumstance leading to a diminished quality of life.  It is strongly suggested you check in with a professional therapist or counselor and have a professional assessment done.

If you scored a 5 in any one category.  This is suggestive of an entrenched issue affecting your performance and your life satisfaction.  Treat this as if you scored in the 20's

THIS IS ONLY A SCREENING QUIZ, not a diagnosis. Only a trained mental health professional can provide a depression diagnosis.