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IS JESUS THE ONLY SAVIOR? R. NASH,  Ronald Nash has written numerous books that discuss the Chrisitan faith articulately and smartly. Nash takes on the moral relativisim of the Emerging/Emergent church beliefs of today and analyzes the fallacies of inclusivism, universalism and pluralism and why Chrisitans are exclusivist and why Jesus is the only path to God.  A sobering test of where our beliefs are grounded. 

CHURCH & STATE IN AMERICA THE FIRST TWO HUNDRED YEARS - JAMES HUTSON, James Hutson put together a remarkable work that examines the political moral thought that surrounded the founding of the republic in a way that will educate and illuminate the reader about the heritage of the United States.  The origins of the Christian faith and how it affected the formation of the country and the Establishment Clause are examined in depth in a way that brings the social struggle of the development of the consititution to light in an incredibly well written book.


TORTURED FOR CHRIST RICHARD WURMBRANDT,  Richard Wurmbrand, founder of Voice of The Martrys VOM spent over 14 years in communist prisons suffering with his family for his faith.  This is a sobering and convicting look at ourselves and the church as Wurmbrand shares his "supernatural love' for his persecuters.

You can get it free here.

NEW!!! AUGUSTINE AS MENTOR, EDWARD SMITHER,  This incredible book was part of the required reading in a seminary level class on discipleship.  Augustine of Hippo is studied through his wrirtings to portray a man that believed in an implemented first century discipeship.  It is one of the most impressive consolidations of Augustine ever.