Sentinels For Christ :: Spiritual Warfare


QUIET TALKS ON PRAYER - S.D. GORDON This is hands down one of the best books ever written that will shake ones faith and push them to a life of prayer.  Gordon puts prayer front in center in the believer's life and cogently explains why prayer makes and breaks our spiritual health and defines the extent of our Christian impact.  The examination is so profound it encapsulizes the lack of impact of the modern evangelical faith on the world, and the reasons why so many Christians never learn to communicate with God. There is no life in the Spirit without an aligned prayer life, and this book proves it.

GODS CHOSEN FAST, ARTHUR WALLIS,  This book with the books on prayer are first for a reason.  If your wondering why, you not ready for spiritual warfare.  Arthur Wallis book goes well beyond the typpical yearly sermon on fasting about why its essential for mature Christians and expected of us by Jesus.

QUIET TALKS ON POWER, S.D. GORDON,  This phenomenal book discusses the indwelling Spirit from an evangelical perspective. Gordon boldy confronts the issue in most believers lives; a lack of power to transform as the Bible teaches and the bondage and affiliation with sin that plagues most Christians lives.  The relationship between freedom from sin and how that is related to the Holy Spirit is relentlessly pursued by Gordon.  This book should be part of any serious Bible students library. 

THEY SHALL EXPEL DEMONS, DEREK PRINCE,  This is a must read for anyone involved in setting people free from spiritual oppression.  Pastor Prince provides numerous examples to gain insight from and establishes excellent biblically based scriptural principles on the issue of deliverance and the truths about the weapons of spiritual warfare.

THE BONDAGE BREAKER - NEIL ANDERSON,  Do demons exist in the same way today as they did in the time of Jesus?  Neil Anderson will open your eyes to one of the most overlooked issues of our time in evangelicalism.  He separates the secular from the spiritual and offers Biblical answers to problems secular counseling can only suppress. This is a great book for anyone suspecting they have and issue of spiritual oppression occurring in their own life or the life of someone they are close too.  Anderson breaks the molds we have attributed to the spritual realm in the church from personal experience not arm chair observations.  He gives Biblical counsel on seeking freedom to mental health issues while appreciating the work of secular efforts

NEW!! BLESSING OR CURSES YOU CHOOSE, DEREK PRINCE,  One of the most difficult subjects in the New Testament is the issue of curses.  Prince's book provides insight on differientiating curses verses spiritual oppression.  Hard questions are adressed such as is there such a thing as a potential curse on a New Testament Christian? etc.