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The Cost of Inheritance

Posted by jimgrier on February 20, 2019

This is a bit long for Messenger but I don't have your email and wanted to share.  It is Friday, February 8, 2019 and I woke smiling from a dream where Haven (my sister in Christ) and I were walking a very narrow path that wound its way up the side of a hill. As we crested, we were at the edge of a wheat field and we walked, our hands brushing the spikes of the wheat as our joy and praise lifted and moved outward across the area. I grabbed a coffee and started writing and sitting with the Lord. I looked up the word “spike” and one of its meanings is a sharp increase in the magnitude or concentration of something. For me, the spike stood for that of the Holy Spirit, as He has been increasing my knowledge of Kingdom advancement in waiting and that my expectations are from God alone. I think of us and the inconceivably glorious salvation God has accomplished for us in Christ and is now purposing to work out and to perfect in us by His Spirit. This salvation that only He can give! We hinder Him at times either by our indifference or our self-effort, so that He cannot do what He would. We drag our heels or we race ahead. What He asks of us, in the way of surrender, obedience, desire, and trust is all comprised in this one statement: waiting on Him, waiting on His salvation.

This combines the deep sense of our entire helplessness of ourselves to work what is divinely good, and our perfect confidence that our God will work it all in His divine power. The Lord then speaks to me from Oswald Chambers devotion for today…”The Cost of Sanctification.” This word sanctification is a new one for me…or shall I say that it is the first time that the Holy Spirit has had me take note of it. It means to be intensely focused on God’s point of view; It means to secure and keep all the strength of our body, soul and spirit for God’s purpose alone. My “spike,” my increase in the Holy Spirit, the enlargement of my tent pegs, the narrow path, the small gate that He summons me to by name. Oswald asks, “Are we prepared to pay the cost of sanctification? The cost will be a deep restriction of all earthly concerns, and an extensive (spike in) cultivation of all our godly concerns.” Here it is again, the counter culture…the worldly culture deeply restricted in our lives in exchange for the Kingdom Culture that we should operate in here on earth.

Oswald continues: “Are we really prepared for God to perform in us everything for which He separated us? And after He has done His work, are we then prepared to separate ourselves to God just as Jesus did? Sanctification means being made one with Jesus so that the nature that controlled Him will control us. Are we really prepared for what that will cost? It will cost absolutely everything in us which is not of God.”

For me, I know that I am set apart, that I possess a different spirit and that I don’t always fit in. I don’t consider the approval from others on the way that I will go. Abundant living mandates different living – different even from other believers who may be complacent with their freedom, lulled to sleep in their wilderness wanderings. To experience everything God intends, a difference is required. One in which your thought processes, self-disciplines, and most pressing choices carve out a narrow road that is not often tread. Each decision like a grain of sand has Kingdom impact, so when we are set apart for the Holy Spirit, it is not only in the big things, but also the little everyday things, that we have freedom from that is not like Him. A journey which we almost always walk alone. Alien. Stranger. Sore Thumb. It is in the everyday things of life that we realize the magnificent deity of Jesus Christ. We are seated in Jesus Christ at the right hand of the Father above all things (Ephesians 2:6). Lord Purify our lives with Your FIRE! Let them see You and not us! Let us advance the Kingdom with the Love and Truth of Christ, shields high and swords drawn, our waist girt about with the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness in place, our feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace and the helmet of Salvation. Let us pray for each other in the Spirit (Eph 6:18) being watchful and perceiving according to Gods will glorifying the Father through the Son. More Fire Lord Much Love,

Deborah H.

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