Sentinels For Christ :: Discipleship Assessment

How The Discipleship Assessment Tool (DAT) Works

Through a series of 75 questions the DAT tests the individuals behavoirs and beliefs cooresponding to the Christian Faith. The test should be taking in one sitting without spending to much time on one question.  Do not try and answer as you would like to be, but how you actually are at the present time in relation to the question.   Each question allows five responses in which you agree with the belief or behavoir in part or not in the following format:

  • Disagree
  • Partly Disagree
  • I'm not sure
  • Partly Agree
  • Agree  

If you are unsure of how you feel about the belief or behavoir or it is simply non-applicable to your situation, select "I'm not sure." Once you've completed your assessment a comprehensive report will ve sent to your email for you to view and use for spiritual formation or general answers. 

First we need some personal information. Email allows us to send you your test results. Your information is confidential.
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Please Answer All Questions
I don’t believe God is as judgmental as the Bible makes him out to be. *

The Bible has been rewritten so many times its unreliable. *

Religion and church is for people who can’t handle reality. *

Christians are a bunch of haters and homophobes. *

There is no “one path” to God. *

I don’t believe in a God that would send anyone to hell. *

I’m not worried about the afterlife I’ve been an okay person in my life. *

Who are Christians to lay their morals on anyone else? *

People who are already spiritual don’t need religion. *

All churches want to do is get a hold of your money. *

Scholars know the followers of Jesus rewrote the Bible and exaggerated his claims.

I don't think that there is an afterlife. *

I don't believe anything unless it can be empirically reproduced. *

I believe that science has disproved the notion that there is a spiritual side to human beings. *

I believe Christianity only explains one path of a complicated universe. *

Please Answer All Questions
When I encounter a confusing topic while reading my bible, I feel restless until I find the answer. *

I can’t imagine not be able to serve in my church; without serving I wouldn’t feel satisfied. *

I have several friends I’ve been sharing my faith with. *

If someone misses our fellowship group, I’ll check up on them. *

I’m excited when the church is crowded, it means new people are coming. *

I know the gifts God has given me to serve his church. *

I experience God’s love when I encourage others in their faith. *

God’s been moving in my heart on how to reach others for Christ *

I’m amazed how the Bible speaks to me during my daily devotionals. *

God’s been on my heart recently to serve others. *

I would feel uncomfortable with a lack of ethnic diversity at our church. *

I am determined to reduce divisiveness within church relationships by avoiding gossip. *

I am concerned the elderly and vulnerable are sometimes overlooked by our church community. *

I can explain to others what my identity in Christ is. *

I’ve been considering how God wants me to fulfill my ministry. *

Please Answer All Questions
I don’t think being a Christian requires I go to church regularly.

I’m not sure what praying regularly looks like.

There are many things about the Bible I find hard to believe. *

I didn’t know I’m expected to give some of my income back to God *

You don’t have to worship God in a church building I worship God when I’m out in nature. *

I don’t need anybody’s advice. Jesus shows me what to do. *

My faith is eclectic and includes wisdom from other religions. *

The concept of a Trinity is complex. I don't understand it. *

The hypocrisy in the church is frustrating so I rarely attend . *

It’s hard to listen to the pastor when they’re just as messed up as me. *

Christians should be less judgmental and more inclusive of the beliefs of other religions. *

Since becoming a Christian, life got harder, I'm not sure if it's worth it. *

No one ever told me I needed to read the Bible regularly. *

How can I tell my friends Christianity is the only way to God? *

Believing in a literal Adam and Eve is not really that important. *

Please Answer All Questions
I think God is telling me to reach out to one of my friends to help encourage their faith.

I am committed to being involved in a church regularly. I understand this is the model Jesus set up for living and maturing in the Christian life.

I’ve been active introducing others to Christ and helping new Christians develop their faith. *

I regularly pray God won’t let me grow stagnant. *

I understand the hardest moments in life are meant to conform me to Christ and I’m able to be thankful for them. *

I’m very aware of honoring God by my speech and how my actions are viewed by others. *

When I have conflict with another Christian, I examine myself as the potential cause. *

Christ has called me to a ministry for which I have responded. *

I am able to speak about Jesus verbally with others with a clear presentation of Scripture that presents their need for Christ’s forgiveness. *

I pray regularly for God’s intent and will for those God has put in my life. *

I feel off balance by not reading the Bible daily, It weakens my connection with God. *

I'm involved with a group of believers which I feel compelled to encourage and be encouraged by. *

I'm involved with other believers where I can be completely authentic and transparent in the atmosphere of discipleship. *

I’m committed to protecting the unity of fellowship within the church including participating in spiritual disciplinary actions if necessary. *

I have exercised spiritual authority to command the demonic to submit to the authority of Christ. *

Please Answer All Questions
My growth seems to be more like a lot of starts and stops without a lot of progress *

The problem with new church programs is that they often separate us from our friends. *

Too many people in a church ruins the atmosphere. *

I wish they wouldn’t always change things at church to accommodate everyone. *

They need newer music in service; it’s outdated and out of touch. *

I can’t connect with anybody at my church; no one takes the time to reach out. *

If I saw one of my church friends in the community and they ignored me, I would be hurt. *

When I attend a church function people seem to ignore me. *

It is a waste of time when I get nothing out of the church service. *

When churches don’t reach out to individual needs they communicate they don’t care. *

Christians shouldn’t spend time watching TV. Its message is secular. *

I would volunteer, but no one’s ever asked me. *

I would volunteer but I’m concerned my time would be unappreciated. *

I’ll be able to help more when my schedule opens up. *

If a church is not fulfilling my needs, I should find one that does. *