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Welcome to the Show!  Well maybe its not the show as you expect it but the Legacies Podcast is comitted to bringing it and thats a promise!   We're taking on about some of the more hard hitting subjects not always considered "pulpit safe" in the typical church.  Pull up a chair or plug in the MP3 player and get ready to be served.....Sentinel Style!

SERIES:  "Single Parent Impact" Jim & Carl talk about the challenges and rewards involved with being a single parent, what pitfalls to avoid and how to harness spiritual power and healing when faced with the unexpected and the legacy of our past.  A must for parents struggling to face the demands of parenting in a chaotic or even divided environment. Click

SERIES:  "The Trail of Tears - Divorce & Healing.Scott Nickell Associate Pastor of Flatirons Community Church in Lafayette CO. and his Dad  Gary sit down and tell us what it was like to go through divorce and the break up  of a family as "Father and Son" and live to tell the tale!  The guys share how men wound, how they recover and what keeps us making those same mistakes..... Click

John Drummond:  "Living In The Presence"  John is from Leith Baptist Church in Edinburgh Scotland.  John delivers and exhortation on why we fail to walk in the "Presence of God" and how we can reconnect.  It's not God's thats moved it's us.  You can also check out some of John's other messages here in Blog form. .... Click

Pastor Kenneth Hagin:  "Intercessory Prayer"   Pastor Hagin shares brings together multiple text in the Bible to paint a solid portrait of intercessory prayer and praying in the Spirit.  This is a excellent teaching sereies for anyone desiring to deepen their prayer life and who is tired of having prayers resuting in no change.  A definate must for interccessory ministries.  .... Click