Support for Women Seeking Discipleship and healing


Why ONC?

In April 2016, sorrow occurred close to the heart of SFC.  A spouse and mother’s life was lost, Molly Nikal.  Molly's husband was accused of the unthinkable and the resulting tragedy left three children without their parents.  Molly and her husband Gary attended a church where many SFC friends worshipped. In some ways it rocked our world and left us wondering how do two lives who pledged to journey with each other end up so broken?

More importantly it compelled us at SFC to ask the question how do we reach out to women on eqaul footing providing a model for discipleship and coruler-ship that resonated with that which is uniquely female? The result was "Of Noble Character."  We hope this place will begin to touch the hearts of the females amongst us, and equip them, whether they be current, former or potential spouses or Christian women simply trying to follow as disciples of Jesus.

Haven - Glasgow, Scotland

We met Haven in April 2018 when we were privileged to accompany her father Steve Shank Pastor, of City On The Hill Church in Boulder, on a short mission to Scotland. It only took five minutes of talking and you knew God had put us in contact with a 21st century warrior for Christ. Haven is a full time missionary being used by God to change the legacy for the people and nation of Scotland.  You can learn more about her ministry impact buy following her blog.  We hope you might consider supporting her too!  "Find people who will encourage you and at times, drag you along...But don't stay stuck!" Haven, Check out Haven here 


Times have changed and challenged the church to figure out how to reach out and provide a discipleship experience for women that takes into account what it means to be female and handle the pressures of work, parenting, and retain what it means to be a Christ centered woman in an increasingly complex and unrelenting world.  I'm afraid the "ladies teas" are no longer the status quo. If we are to help heal the world and present Christ authentically, the world needs both the male and female charge in God's original plan, joint rulership, brought to bear on the diverse problems of living in a broken world.  Meet Emma Stark (below) of the Glasgow Prophetic Center in Scotland. She's a prophet, an evangelist and a international speaker whom SFC has grown very fond of. One listen to her deliver the word and you won't be the same!  We weren't.