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God of The Angel Armies

Welcome No matter how you got here curious or compelled, it was not by chance. Such is the nature of things of the Spirit.  These resources are for developing your gifts (we all have them Ephesians 4:8). Many practice faith unaware of their gifts.  Some because gifts seem "too mysterious" or perhaps they were never taught about them.  The Bible tells us to excercise gifts "in porportion to our faith."  Romans 12:6. That means wherever we are at on the maturity chart we are to be working on our spiritual gifts!  And, as we grow our gifts change with us as well, increasing in their ability to bless others and advance the Kingdom of God!  What an awesome God we serve!

So What Now? Choose from the resources on the right how you would like to proceed.  You can go striaght to "The Classroom" and begin your self study.  You can take a Spiritual Gift Inventory, or you can use "The Pledge" 10 Principles of Faith to decide where you would like to train.  Perhaps you thinking of finding a mentor in your journey.  The discipleship resource page is meant to provide tangible help.  

Congratulations! for taking the time to go forward.  We hope this tool helps you to expand your impact on the people God has chosen to put in your life!


What exactly makes up a spiritual warfare intercession group?  What is its foundation? Is this something new? Do we need to go to Bible school or seminary to acquire the tools to execute one?Fortunately, the answer to the above questions are not as complicated or intimidating as it might seem.  For in the Gospels themselves, we find everything we need to implement such a ministry group.  We do however present the following.  By following the most successful spiritual intercession group in history, Jesus and his disciples, (the 12 and the 120), four essential elements are obvious and necessary from which any ministry must flow to remain established. These are: Regularity, Relationship, Training and Proclamation.