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Nothing replaces careful meditative study of scripture, throughout the Bible the men and women who wind up being used to impact the culture around them spend time in the word, there is no shortcut.  Leham Strauss said:   God does not give special and sudden visions of illumination to fanatical minds apart from what He has written in His Word.  Daniel lived a holy life and he was regular and consistent in the studying of the Scripture.  L. Strauss The Prophecies of Daniel.


The Gospels:  The Account of Jesus:  The gospels are a great way to start and an even better place to return to again and again. Matthew and Luke give the best chronological presentation of Jesus, Mark is short and easy to read..  John was written about 90ad is very different in that it gives the best intimate look at Jesus on a personal level. 

The First Five Books of the Bible:  Jesus was Jewish (sorry to burst your bubble) and the culture and future of His interaction on earth is not separate from Israel as a people or a nation.  The first five books of the Bible present the Christian belief of how God set everything in motion and where it’s headed. Jesus, the Prophets and the New Testament writers repeatedly reference this literature in describing the future and in answering common problems in the lives of believers and the church of their time.  A knowledge of the first five books helps us understand how God interacts with mankind. 

The Psalms:  The Psalms in the original form were musical prayers like a journal. They are a great place for you to find comfort and camaraderie with other believers through the tough and joyful times of life.  They are the best illustrative example of a prayer life.  Studying them will help you to develop your own prayer life. 

How To Start:  Anywhere and Anytime!

The key is to start.  Choose a time of the day that works for you when you have the best chance of being uninterrupted. Set aside 5 to 10 minutes initially and go from there.  If you stay at 5-10 minutes for while great!  Just make sure you’re getting into Gods Word daily.  If you are sporadic it won’t allow for what you’ve learned to gain any traction.  But if you miss a couple, don’t worry just pick up where you left off!  Don’t turn reading the word into a merit badge contest!  Gods’ just wanting to communicate with you through his Word. 

I Don’t Feel Competent Enough to Understand It:  Of course not, we all have to learn about God as we faithfully seek Him! Ground yourself enough in the Gospels and the first five Books, (you can skip some of the chapters in Numbers!).  You’re developing your personal understanding and theology and allowing God to work with you to equip you for the plan He has for you! 

What You’re Striving For is Momentum: What this means is you are developing with God a way to experience Him through His word.  Memorization is good, but if it’s from a heart devoid of God it’s useless.  The religious folks of Jesus day taught us this lesson.  Committing particular verses of the Bible to your heart and memory are a natural response to reading the Bible and God revealing it to you and Himself to you in the process!  As you run with God (or walk) He is quite capable of using your choice to seek him  in his Word to speak through His word.  One of the best ways you can reinforce this process is through fellowship and asking other believers what God has been revealing to them through His word.  You get the chance to share as well, both of you are encouraged and you might find yourself in the rich atmosphere of seeing how God reveals similar thing to believers “in a common purpose” 

You are also building your understanding of the rich truths of God and how they have been passed down through the ages for the purpose of strengthening the church and the individual believer as well.  Your individual time with God in his Word is meant to be individual, devotional, and intimate.  Get into the habit when a portion of scripture jumps out at your to stop and talk with God about what it means, and how its impacting you!  God has made you uniquely, he has given all of us gifts and He desires to use each of us to our potential to impact the Kingdom. However this will never be realized apart from an honest seeking of Gods will for your life through his Word as a spiritual discipline.  We may be saved but we can also be inept.  “Let us strive to mature in Christ and no longer be babes tossed about like the wind,” (Ephesians 4: 14). 

A Word About Memorizing Scripture.  There’s a lot of great sections in the Bible to commit to memory.  However the sections that seem to have the greatest impact is when a verse, or parable, jumps off the page because it resonates with your life.  These are excellent times to consider memorizing a portion of scripture! 

Some Other Ways to Get the Word 

Christian Radio - In Colorado SFC recommends Grace FM 89.7.  You get lots of solid pastors with few musical interruptions. 

A Phone App – There are many good Bible Apps out there now which provide a daily devotional that you can receive right on your phone.