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Flatirons Community Church Lafayette

The "Sentinels Idea" started in 2012 where I found a group of men that were committed to "having each others back."  One of the amazing aspects of a journey with a para-church ministry is the amount of churches and belivers of different perspectives we get to meet. All of the churches listed here have been contacted (or attended) and we think we have a good feel for what their about and theres nothing awry in their faith systems.  We think you'll find a great community of believers at any one of these fellowships.

Flatirons West Campus Golden

Flatirons Community Church in Lafayette is a very friendly church to those new in the faith. Their slogan "me too" has a way of making the most unfamiliar church goer feel welcome. They have three campuses, but be aware this is a large mega-church, not the best atmosphere for the introvert or adverse to loud music!  The age dynamic is geared to the 20-30 crowd.

Calvary Chapel Aurora

Calvary Chapel of Aurora is a great link as well and offers conections with other Calvary Chapel churches in Colorado. Ed Taylor, the senoir pastor is one ofo the finest teaching pastors around and Its another great place for fellowship and a church that provides solid teaching to help you walk in your journey.  Calvary Chapel is the founder of "Grace FM" at 89.7 FM and 101.7 FM (Colo Springs). A very diverese age dynamic.  This church is friiedly to the baptism of the Spirit or filling of the Spirit.

Ascent Community Church Louisville

Ascent Community Church is affiliated with the Evangelical Covenant Church which might be considered a bit more liberal for some but the folks love the community of faith.  This is a very friendly church as well, with a diverse age demographic and a fabulous personal outreach and feel for kids. Ascent has a special outreach group program called "Trailhead" that will quickly get you connected with other people in the church.  A good church for those who are looking for a Christian community.

City On The Hill Boulder

City on The Hill of Boulder is a Good News Church.  There are some incredible Christians here who love the Lord and it's contagious.  They are charasmatic brothers and sisters in Christ so it won't be dull!  The services are a bit unconventional but its charismatic!  We should expect this!  This church has a diverse age dynamic.  The way these Christains interact and love each other earns them the name "City on The Hill."