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HOW TO USE THIS PAGE  Click on a log below to learn more about the self paced studies and trainings available.  Some are free, some to have a modest cost associated with them.  All have been reviewed and applied to those seeking to deepen their walk.  Use the feedback form to let us know your impression of a training or something you would like to see in the future.

Choose from over 17 courses on sharing Christ in adverse circumstances.  Several great courses teach you to appreciate our Muslim brothers and sisters minister to those of the Islamic faith. All course are FREE

This is a five course program offered by the Billy Graham Evangelical Association.  Course content includes:  The Effective Christian Life, the Victorious Christian Life, The Christian Witness and two courses on the care of new Christians.  COST IS 49.00

From our friends at Flatirons Community Church in Lafayette, CO.  This is a 22 day study helpful to those new in the faith thats answers questions if you’re just starting your journey. COST is FREE 

This is an eight lesson course from the Billy Graham Evangelical Association designed to help you to minister to those who are suffering.  Learn how to answer tough questions like "Why does God allow suffering?"  Understand sufferring frOm the perspective of those in it and share words that help, not harm.  COST IS 75.00

The Navigators have been around since the 1930's and specialize in bringing people to Christ and help Christians use the Word effectively to do so.  "One Verse Evangelism"  and "The Bridge To Life" shows how to use a little as one Bible verse to effectively communicate the Gospel in a way that is inviting, accurate and authentic. COST is FREE

Three Bible study lessons on how to study the Bible more effectively and even some suggested reading plans.  Complete a short lesson that will help you get more out of the Word and enjoy as well.  This small time investment can change your experience in your personal devotionals immenselyFREE

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