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The Legacies Workshop runs for five weeks takes those who want to know more about Christ or are seeking to know of him on a journey that involves personal inventory, reflection and, confrontation with the issues which have held us back in our personal relationships and our relationship with God. Christians who have stalled in their growth or fail to have impact usually have a problem in arena of personal transformation.  This reflects an imbalance for whatever reason, between the believer and the person and presence of the Holy Spirit.  God is not a God of confusion, nor does He lack power.  Followers of Christ that lack power and understanding are more often than not a victim of bad messaging and to some extent spiritual apathy.  Legacies addresses this thoughtfully providing concrete answers for issues that may have plagued an individual for decades.  The workshops use small group interaction and interactive presentations to help participants unwind some of the disempowering beliefs and reorient the individual to scriptural truth to implement a Spirit enabled Christ centered strategy of living that creates possibilities as “If anyone is in Christ they become a new creature, behold old things have passed away and new things have come.”  2nd Cor 5:17.

Each class typically runs for 90 minutes.  In order to receive a certificate of completion the five workshops must be attended in their entirety.  We believe that taking 7 ½ to 9 hours to invest in your spiritual future is a minimum commitment.  We spend years developing the bad habits we try so hard to break, why would we believe breaking them cost less?

The materials are provided at cost and involve a course notebook and varied assignments to help you develop perspective on how to develop a walk that reflects personal discipleship to Christ and is presented by both professional and paraprofessionals who are walking the walk.

Legacies VI


Are you tired of struggling with the same old thoughts and habits? Your not alone

Do you feel stuck from something that occurred in your past? Your not alone.

Are you uncertain in your understanding of the Spirit?  Would you like concrete answers?

Suggested donation is 25.00 & includes workbook and materials.


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