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All of the books in the Sentinel Library have been read prior to being endorsed.  We think you'll find the titles helpful.  Let us know if you read one of the titles and if your interested in writing a review.  JP

NEW PAUL THE APOSTLE OF THE HEART SET FREE, F.F. BRUCE  This book will tie together the life of Paul and the Book of Acts placing the letters of Paul in their context that will provide a rich reward.  Paul's relationships are studied with comparision to biblical and extra-biblical hsitory to expand on the life of the most significant Christian in the history of the church

THE POWER  OF VISION, G. BARNA George Barna is the formost authority on polling in Christianity. At one point or another we have heard his stasticis from the stage about the crisis in culture and Christianity.  This book is an amazing read on how to discern if your following God's intent for your life and how well your suited for it.

THE PURSUIT OF HOLINESS, J. BRIDGES In this Christian classic Bridges discusses the question of what does it mean to exercise free will and still remain dependant on God?  This book will help you if you've struggled for years with defeating behaviors and attitudes and clearly draws the line between our personal responsibility, relying on grace and God’s available power to live a transformed life.

THE PURSUIT OF GOD, A.W. TOZER In this Christian classic Tozer discusses how we get closer to God and the barriers that prevent our search.  Tozers like a deep well but reads like "Everyman."

THE COST OF DICIPLESHIP, DIETRICH BONHOEFFER,  "Cheap Grace is the grace we bestow on ourselves, the preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance, baptism without church dicipline, communion without confession.  Cheap grace is grace without dicipleship."  Second to the Bible it's the most influential book I've ever read. JP

THE PRACTICE OF GODLINESS, J. BRIDGES An examination of "Practicing Godliness" 1 Tim 4: 8 and how its related to the fruits of the Spirit promised in scripture.

CREATION & TEMPTATION, D. BONHOEFFER,  Bonhoeffer's examination of what happened to the first couple and its lasting effects.  It is very dense in the style of Bonhoeffer but well worth the read to understand the tragedy of the garden and the surpassing grace of the Creator.

LETTERS & PAPERS FROM PRISON, D. BONHOEFFER,  The collected letters of Dietrich Bonhoeffer from 1943 to his martyrdom by the Nazis in 1945.  This is the mind of a real life christian trying to cope with uncommon circumstances.  Psalm 34: 15

THE REASON FOR MY HOPE, BILLY GRAHAM "Christianity is not a spectator sport-buying a ticket and sitting on the sidelines.  To say you believe in Him and then continue living as though nothing has changed is to deny the power of God."  Thats just one quote from a man many owe their salvation to.

THE WAY HOME, D.L. MOODY,  DL Moody's faith and experience was partially refned as a medic in the American CIvil war.  This is a colleciton of some of his evangelistic meetings.  Moody would influence BIlly Sunday who would influence BIlly Graham.  A great devotional.

A SEVERE MERCY, S. VANAUKEN  The timeless love story of Sheldon and Jean Vanauken and C.S. Lewis' effect on the trial of Jean's death.  You wont be the same after reading it.

BASIC CHRISTIANITY JOHN. STOTT,  This is a christian bulwark and has been around for over 50 years.  It reads like a conversation with a friend and is inspiring in its presentation of our common faith. It's one that should be read once a year.

KNOW WHAT YOU BELIEVE, PAUL LITTLE  " This book is an excellent study of key issues of the faith.  From the atonement to salvation, Little explains in brief chapters the what where and why of major Christian beliefs and references them with simple to remember scripture. 

SCHIZOPHRENIC GOD? STEVE SHANK  So here's a question.  Does God really control every single moment and event for your life? We got a new book in the Library written by one of our local Pastors Steve Shank from City on The Hill Boulder CO.  This is a reasonable argument that helps clarify some of the issues of "extreme sovereignty"

THE GOPSEL OF GOD, WATCHMAN NEE  A charimatic theology presented by one of the most influential Chinese Christians who ever lived.  Long before having my own expereince with the Baptism of The Holy Spirit, this book convinced me there was more to Christ than evangelical teaching.  The book is an easy read and covers this great man of God's beliefs that helped shape a generation of Chinese Christians.