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THE COST OF DICIPLESHIP, DIETRICH BONHOEFFER,  "Cheap Grace is the grace we bestow on ourselves, the preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance, baptism without church dicipline, communion without confession.  Cheap grace is grace without dicipleship."  Second to the Bible this is by far the most influential book I've ever read surpassing even the works of Dallas Willard. JP

BONHOEFFER, PASTOR, STUDENT, SPY - ERIC METAXAS, This is well researched and a must have for students of Bonhoeffer.  Well documented and puts human face on the man of faith and his journey to become one of the most influential Christians of the 20th century. 

TORTURED FOR CHRIST - RICHARD WURMBRANDT,  Richard Wurmbrand, founder of Voice of The Martrys VOM spent over 14 years in communist prisons suffering with his family for his faith.  This is a sobering and convicting examination of a disciple who demonstrated a "supernatural love' for his persecuters. You can get it free here.


AUGUSTINE AS MENTOR, EDWARD SMITHER,  This incredible book was part of the required reading in a seminary level class on discipleship.  Augustine of Hippo is studied through his wrirtings to portray a man that believed in an implemented first century discipeship.  It is one of the most impressive consolidations of Augustine ever.

DISCIPLESHIP, DIETRICH BONHOEFFER - FORTRESS PRESS  "The most recent version of "The Cost of Discipleship" in modern English.  While the translators Barbara Green and Reinhard Krauss attempt to "gender neuter" and normalize some of Bonhoeffere's writings they lose credibility in the process.  The value of this work is that the English used helps the reader understand the original work by Bonhoeffer while the                    research and reference to Bonhoeffer's other works is absolutely stupendous!

DICIPLESHIFT, JIM PUTMAN BOBBY HARRINGTON,  "Whats the difference between a convert and a disciple?  Putman & Harrington discuss a five step process to help churches move from "models" to making disciples.  There is excellent material here for para-chruch as well as church level leaders on how to ensure your minsitry efforts are guided by "Great Commission" principles.