Sentinels For Christ :: Advanced Teaching and Understanding Resources

CHURCH HISTORY I EVERETT FERGUSON,  E. Fergusons written several books on church history.  This book takes you from the first century to the eve of the reformation and gives you an overview of the development of the church.  The first seven ecumenical councils are covered and good biographical information of some of the major thinkers of the early church. Contains photographs of historical documents, locations and creeds. A good source for a Bible teacher!

CHURCH HISTORY II WOODBRIDGE & JAMES,    This book takes you from the immeadiate aftermath of the Protestant Reformation right through to the present.  The development of interdenominationalism is clearly portrayed as well as the First and Second Vatican Councils.  Contains photographs of historical documents, locations and creeds. A good source for a Bible teacher!

SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY, HODGE, Charles Hodge lays out the Christian faith in a way that is inviting, provocative and inspiring.  Hodge's research and knowledge on the subjects of Systematic Theology provide excellent alternative views of some of the essential doctrines of the Christian faith which are well thought out and scripturally supported.

SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY WAYNE GRUDEM, This is a must have for the serious Bible student.  Its' not written so complicated the average reader can't understand it and Grudem discusses the most essential doctrines of the chourch from the perspective of Systematic Theology. ST differes from theology in that is a discipline of Christian Religion that formulates an orderly, rational, and coherent account of the doctrines and development of the Christian faith.

THE MOODY HANDBOOK ON THEOLOGY - PAUL ENNS, This is one of the best books in the library and is regularly used to remind us of the things I can't remember, as God has not seen fit to give most photographic memory, this book canot be understated for it's value to anyone wanting to understand the development of Christian faith and the Christian worldview.

ANALYTICAL LEXICON OF THE GREEK NEW TESTAMENT - FRIBERG & MILLER    This Lexicon is more affordable than, but not quite up to Mounces work.  However its a great tool for locating and understanding the definitions of the Greek New Testament and helps significantly with discerning definitions in difficult Bible passages. 

THE NEW GREEK ENGLISH INTERLINEAR NEW TSTAMENT - BROWN & COMFORT   This is a very well organized Greek New testament with the English translation in the margins.  Its very easy to handle and not "overweighty." It is a regular consult to pulling the Greek words from a passage for a little more in depth study or understanding and a good source for a Bible teacher!

HANDBOOK ON THE HISTORICAL BOOKS,  VICTOR HAMILTON,  This is an excellent partner to walking through the Old Testament Historical books. This provides tremendous insight on understanding the culture and thinking Jesus would have to confront when God sent Him "in the fulness of time."