Sentinels For Christ :: Small Group Development


Starting a Discipleship Group via Sentinel Resources

So you want to set up a discipleship group? 

Great idea! Be prepared for the journey God has for you as you reach out.  You group can be a light in the community and a place for others to experience camaraderie but there are a few basics ingredients to make sure your group is functioning at potential.  These resources can help you on your way. 


  • Feel free to contact us for any questions. In a short time we can give you some invaluable information.
  • Don’t go it alone.  There was always Paul and someone. Remember Barnabas? Silas? Timothy? Sentinel groups are  facilitated by  two core members rooted in Christ. Also be very careful about mixed gender groups.  For those of you who say its no big deal, that tells me you have little experience leading in the church!  Co-ed spiritual formation groups are complicated and very risky for some members. 
  • Use your local Church.  Let your men’s ministry or leadership know what you’re doing.  It can be a great referral source, provide resources and support your team’s efforts. 
  • Be consistent.  Pick a meet time and stick with it.  Don’t chase a group!  How deep you want to go may decide your location i.e. public or home based study? 
  • Limit the size of your group. After 7 its gets hard for all to be heard and people start feeling like a number again.  
  • Use a resource for your meetings.  Study a book or character from the Bible.  Facilitate a book study. 
  • Commit.  Give it a year.  God takes time to build things, sometimes we don’t see the work He’s doing. 
  • Use the Network.  At SentinelForChrist.Com you can find instructions for posting your group and lots of resources.
  • Hang On!  God can use your group to meet the needs of others just like you looking to push deeper in their walk!