The Four Essentials of a Spiritual Warfare Intercessory Ministry

Regularity, Relationship, Training, Proclamation

Sentinels For Christ focus is the spread of the “good news” of the Kingdom of God. In this process we prioritize the ministry of intercessory prayer in a model we call SWIM that helps disciples establish a prayer foundation from which ministries “hear from the Holy Spirit.” We believe it is critical to be so attuned to the heart of God that to attempt ministry without the Spirit’s counsel runs the risk of starting a project we may feel is important only to find our good intentions were not the priorities God intended for our lives or in our sphere of influence. SWIM teaches believers to pray, worship, and hear from the Holy Spirit based on Acts 13: 1-2 which maintains a vibrant prayer ministry that creates relational discipleship, hearts for evangelism and intimate prayer groups who know how to conduct scripturally based spiritual warfare we call spiritual warfare intercession groups.

We believe the model for this was established by Jesus and involves the four essential themes of Regularity, Relationship, Training and Proclamation. These elements are the cornerstone from which disciples’ function.   Prayer groups that cultivate these develop spiritual insight and regional impact.  They make disciples who walk in the power of Mark 16 and the Great Commission of Matthew 28 who understand the priorities and power of the Kingdom.  We believe in the Gospels and the book of Acts; we find the model for such a ministry an everything needed to expand the Kingdom of God.

Many of you may already be in ministries. If people are coming to Christ and maturing, chances are you already have a head start without formally knowing it. But if ministry has stopped its forward movement, chances are one or more of the four themes mentioned are being neglected. We can minister without the Holy Spirit and get diverted in a circle of man centered works. SWIM prevents this producing vibrant disciples who “walk in the Spirit” injecting spiritual life into your ministry.

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