The Sentinel Pledge

  • I am a Sentinel. Contrary to the prevalent belief of the world, “I am my brother & sisters keeper.” I will bear their burdens honoring them more than myself under the leadership of my Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit.
  • I am not anyone’s conscience. I will allow God’s Spirit to work through me to elevate others to a personal knowledge of Jesus by how I live, act and speak.
  • I will commit to seeking God’s will in my life by reading His Word daily.
  • I will commit to pray thoughtfully for those God has brought into my life and in the Spirit.
  • When possible I will give of my time and resources to help those in need.
  • I will follow Jesus knowing this will expose me to circumstances and decisions that may be unfamiliar and unpopular. I’ll do so with the purpose of letting His life shine as light before the world for the glory of Christ.
  • I believe every man, woman and child has intrinsic value and are made in the image of God which remains despite circumstance, failure or appearance of life choices.
  • I will stand with the oppressed; I won’t remain silent when injustice is occurring.
  • I will make the most of every opportunity to share God’s love demonstrated by His Son Jesus on the cross, gently, respectfully without compromising truth or showing partiality.
  • I will allow God’s Spirit through prayer and His word to reveal my own hidden faults and weaknesses to conform to the image of His Son with thankfulness.


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