A great misunderstanding in the process of discipleship is believing it is something “we attain.”  Most of us have approached discipleship as an exercise of “disciplines” or “attitudes” that align with Christianity and Jesus. If that’s true consider Jesus words in John 15:5: “For apart from me you can do nothing.”  What did Jesus mean? Was His emphasis relationship or something else?  Despite the volume of books and programs on the subject, discipleship still alludes most Christians.  Instead of impacting the world the way Jesus said we would, most Christians go through life discouraged, ineffective, struggling in their faith journey to live like Christ.

What is a disciple of Jesus?  If anyone asked us how would we respond? One thing is certain, you cannot make a disciple through a program.  Discipleship is a relational call from God, supernaturally initiated to which we respond and then cultivate with other followers of Jesus. We have a model for it as well.  It was modeled effectively by Jesus in the creation of His first disciples. It is a focus on the relational nature of God, His Son and Holy Spirit’s residence in our lives which is the cement which holds the Body of Christ together as the visible Jesus in the world.  It involves four unmistakable principles of Regularity, Relationship, Training and Proclamation.

If you are ready to cultivate and atmosphere of discipleship in your ministry, then you are ready to read what a SWIM ministry looks like and involves.

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