Maybe you would like to know how we are committed to missions and the resourcing and spread of the Gospel across the planet? Here are a few of the most recent mission projects we are participating in If you feel you would like to contribute to one of them see the donation link at the bottom of the page.

Mission Station Gitega, Burundi. SFC has been working in Burundi for two years now and in Gitega, the capital we have our international prayer school. This year we are hoping to acquire a building which will serve as a community mission center, a classroom for the prayer school and a refuge for orphans and women who are vulnerable and need transitional support. The initial budget for this building is 8,000.00 for 2022 and in 2023 we will be looking to complete its construction with a secondary fund-raising campaign. Join us in expanding the vision for prayer which will bless Burundi, and the surrounding nations of Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo by providing training in intercessory prayer that will change the heart of Africa!

Commune Farm Project Ngozi, Burundi. The Gashikanwa Commune, Ngozi Province began by procuring land in 2021 and planting the first crops of potatoes. There is a need for additional funding for the purchase of the additional property the largest percentage of startup costs. Other recurring costs include cultivation, employment (labor), manure, seeds (potatoes), agronomist labor, and fertilizers. The total funding is 10,000.00 for an economic development project. The project is in partnership with Healing Move Youth Ministry which offers jobs and food for youth and families and is led by the Samuel Ndayiyeye our Burundian skilled ministry leader and translator. This project directly benefits the church and the growth of the gospel from Ngozi Providence.

Ukraine Support Mission SFC joined Pastor Oksana and her Husband Triot in February of this after the invasion and since then we have been intentionally working on providing resources for ministry and basic humanitarian needs in Ukraine. This mission uses funds to support the ministry of about 14 different believers who travel around Ukraine and provide food support, refugee transport, and presentation of the hope in Christ on a regular basis. We anticipate helping Oksana and her team to set up a refugee church for displaced Ukrainians where they can hear the Gospel and receive practical help for basic needs. Pray with us as we are seeking the location of this church in either western Ukraine or Poland.