Pastor Steven Watkins & JP Grier
Wind River Reservation August 2020


One might wonder how we got to the point of making the decision to post on Facebook the recent declaration, COVID = FEAR, JESUS = HOPE.  About a week and a half ago while driving to do an errand it was only all to clear the spirit of anti-christ and oppression was rising and taking its toll on our local community much less our country.  While driving to the post office recently, I saw a young man in his mid-twenties, late morning babbling to himself while walking down the street dressed like a Harry Potter witch. He was oblivious to those around him with a ridiculous grin on his face that was clearly demonic.  (I blessed him from my car) standard practice, and continued to the post office. Upon arriving, I went inside only to have a postal clerk interact with me for about 10 minutes in the dismissing manner!  This man was angry and sullen and all through our interactions he never once looked at my eyes but instead looked just to the right or left of my head to avoid the face.  I’ve learned enough to recognize a demon when I see it in someone  This clerk was controlled by a demon and while there was no one in the post office, he kept making me go back and forth from the service counter to the forms counter to repeatedly fill out a form he had decided was going to be a point of power between us that bordered on the bizarre!  The hostility coming off the man was stifling! After the third trip back and forth I smiled and knew what was occurring in the spiritual realm…. attack. I got the form, filled it out, and left the post office.  What was going on? Why was it escalating?

When I left the post office, I was resolute to do something the Lord put on my heart a week prior which was to post an order for T-shirts with the slogan on it Covid = Fear, Jesus = Hope I walked into the printer shop whom I knew from our previous SFC T-shirt runs and told Sandy what I had in mind.  She immediately said excitedly “she wanted to design it.”  I was truly appreciative as had no idea what it was supposed to look like.  I just knew it was time to declare in a different way… aggressively. Like so many people, who are frustrated with what is occurring with the unrest and unraveling occurring across the planet, Sandy was looking for a way to express her voice.

That declaration Covid = Fear, Jesus = Hope was launched on the SFC Face Book page July 24, and has generated the most shares, (83 currently) and close to 4,500 hundred reactions, 97% favorable.  It has also drawn more fire from Muslims, from Hindus and Atheists than any vpod to date. Why?   Previously all of our vpod’s and Blogs has been almost never opposed.  This opposition provides opportunity (when the response is not over the top) to proclaim Jesus as Lord over the planet.  Around 20 people a day are sending us questions about Jesus, about faith, about prayer and for the most part are genuinely seeking hope in the midst of the anti-christ spirit over the planet.  What surprised me the most was the numbers of Hindus advocating for Shiva, the Hindu God which means “Destroyer.”  I’ll talk a little more about this in a separate release.

When Covid first arrived, it was clear in the realm of the spirit a great spirit of fear was being released over the planet. This was “Phase One” of whats occurring now. Prophetical names we know well such as Rebecca Greenwood, Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets were seeing in the realm of the spirit the “Dragon” unleashing Covid on a vulnerable world. What’s the one thing a dragon brings with it besides destruction…  Fear.


I was given a rather unusual (even for myself) glimpse during this time, into what was occurring during the social unrest over the last couple months with the worldwide protest.  While working with an individual going through the process of deliverance the Lord let me know in no uncertain terms at the beginning of the riots surrounding the tragic death of George Floyd, a second spirit had been released over the world which was the spirit of “Goliath.”  Goliath if you remember held an entire army at bay, paralyzed in fact.

One man does not hold an entire army in a grip of fear.  But a principality can.  The riots over the last several weeks were irrational, uncommonly violent, and represented a demonic spirit.  The push back in the spiritual realm and even personally over the released word of Covid = Fear, Jesus = Hope was severe to our ministry because the “word release” was hitting it’s target in the spiritual realm.  Jesus and who he is… by release of truth… uncovers the plans of the enemy!   Every time someone clicked on the link and agreed with the truth statement the agreement in prayer got even more powerful!


It was again during this time in a deliverance the Spirit gave sight to the spirit being released as a third wave assault on earth. Leviathan. The combination of worldwide governmental response to Covid and the riots saw something else appearing in the spiritual realm which was an anti-christ control spirit sent to neuter the church by silencing it.  Churches have been forced to close their doors, told they couldn’t sing and prohibited from assembling.  Secular governments shut borders, and sporadically controlled their populations against a disease which has less than half the annual mortality rate of tuberculosis which has been around much longer.  This reaction is not the reaction of a rationale society.  What has been produced is irrational fear and real uncertainty which has opened the door to a spirit of control or “Leviathan” to emerge and attempt to establish a worldwide system of authority using the Covid pandemic as its catalyst.  Snakes do what snakes do, which is, they control their victim and crush its opposition before devouring it.  This is a rather apt picture of what is going on now with the power dynamics taking place across the globe between political enemies.


We declare and pray.  A true declaration is really a prayer form that is aligning with and declaring what already is a truth principle and the intent of God the Father.  The enemy kingdom hates these declarations because when God’s people exercise their authority through their commander the Son of God, and declare and pray, they practice warfare in the spirit realm or the “taking down of strongholds” 2nd Corinthians 10:4  The results of this warfare can also be seen in the material realm as part of its result.  People get healed of Covid, (we’ve seen many to date through international prayer efforts),  communities receive peace and begin experiencing restoration, people are eager and desirous to receive Jesus as savoir.   We pray for the right things though, not our political agenda, but that the leaders God has put in charge are given his wisdom and that the people being subjected to fear are protected and their eyes opened to truth. And we declare against the enemy’s kingdom as a defeated kingdom on borrowed time. We declare Jesus is King, God is supreme, and fear does not prevail!  Keep on declaring church Jesus = Hope!  We have been given “authority to tread on the scorpions and snakes” (Luke 10:19).  We are the watchmen and women on the wall sent to protect the world and set the narrative to God’s plan in the name of Jesus our King.  Let’s continue to do so and not grow weary!   What an amazing time we live in!

J.P. Grier 
M.S. Counseling M.C.M. Pastoral Counseling 
JP Grier is the founder and writer at – A network of Christians helping each other to press deeper in Christ.

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